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Meet PowerLab and its principal, Annemarie Spadafore, Ph.D., P.C.C.

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Annemarie Spadafore has mastered the creation of powerful, results-oriented, and resilient leaders. As a Harvard-trained expert in Organizational Behavior, a Fulbright Scholar (Ph.D., Political Science), and ICF PCC, she transforms executives into candid and visionary leaders who wield power to achieve results while engaging the greatness in others. With her sharp intellect and warm personal style, Dr. Spadafore has supported diverse client bases through deep individual and team coaching sessions, partnering facilitation sessions, and powerful public speaking engagements.

Clients consider her "the best," due to her executive-level business experience, thousands of hours of direct professional service, and extensive academic expertise. She has excelled in multiple senior roles, serving as key advisor to several influential, successful Chief Executives as they presided over impressive organizational growth and increased maturity, expanded into new domestic and international markets, rapidly increased outreach, communications, and marketing efforts, managed complicated Board relationships, and thrived despite multiple regulatory and public relations hurdles.

As an executive herself, Annemarie has an impressive track record leading others through crises and positioning organizations to benefit from change, building the solid stakeholder and client relationships in the U.S. and globally that drive financial growth and results.

Client Work

Her business experience, communications skill, and unique capacity to translate cutting-edge research for her clients enables her to serve as a highly-effective accountability partner for individuals and organizations. She has provided executive coaching to 1000+ professionals (C-level and senior executives), building their self-awareness and supporting their capacity to purposefully make strategic decisions to maximize results.

Her coaching and public speaking/facilitation practice supports executives in the tax, accounting, and legal professions in the ‘Big 4’ professional service firms and law firms; she also has significant experience in the financial services, defense and government contracting, media/advertising, technology, healthcare, design/construction, higher education, manufacturing, non-profit, and government sectors.

She speaks and presents widely on a variety of both 'hard business' and ‘soft skills’ topics, receiving excellent reviews. She develops and facilitates custom leadership and management programs, leads hybrid learning and coaching cohorts, and coordinates with organizations to set their management and professional development agendas.


Sharing Expertise

Dr. Spadafore also regularly lends her expertise to the Association for Talent Development (ATD) as a leadership development and organizational culture/behavior expert, and is active in several other professional organizations committed to the professionalization of coaching and Business Ethics, including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE).


Responding to Current Needs

In 2019 and 2020, Annemarie has prioritized expanding the leadership capacity of executives through building their resilience, basing her coaching and speaking on the rigorous work of Penn’s top-rated Positive Psychology and UC-Berkeley’s Science of Happiness program. Additionally, she has regularly engaged with senior executives and leaders in creating cultures that get results, effectively demonstrating to her clients/audiences the importance of inclusivity and equity in driving engagement and business/organizational outcomes.

Partnering with Others


Dr. Spadafore regularly partners with other top practitioners in her field, including fellow seasoned business executives, experts in organizational culture and professional coaches with deep expertise; they work together in relationships of mutual respect to produce exemplary results for clients.

A selection of feedback from our Executive/C-Suite clients

"Annemarie is the best, and I only want my senior executives to be coached by the best"

-National Leader

"Annemarie is an extremely knowledgeable and personable coach. Through our work together, I came away with a better understanding of how people might perceive my actions. She challenged me in the areas I needed to address, guiding me to move and grow beyond those issues" -VP Client

"Annemarie is an insightful coach. Her business experience and knowledge of organizational behavior and assessment tools enables her to provide insight into your personal style. I walked away from our engagement with solid strategies and action plans" -EVP Client

"I can see the magic she is working on me already"

-C-Suite Client

"Working with Annemarie is low risk for us because she is AWESOME!"

-National Leader

"Through one of the most challenging times in my career, she has been an important resource for me. I would highly recommend Annemarie as a coach" -VP Client

"Annemarie was there for me as a coach during an incredibly challenging time for my industry and my career. I sincerely appreciate the insight she brought and the decisions she helped me tackle"

-C-Suite Client

“Annemarie has been an incredible coach. She truly knows how to connect, and her listening skills are simply
amazing. Her comments are extremely on point, thoughtful, and customized"

-Senior Executive Client

"Annemarie did a nice job in our session of maintaining interaction to keep us engaged; her content on leading virtually was very valuable" -VP Client 

"Annemarie has provided me with great guidance. I appreciate all of the nudges, knowledge, and perspective she has shared with me!"

-Senior Global Executive Client

"We were so impressed with the outcome of our executive session that we invited Annemarie back to speak to our staff about creating a positive corporate culture. As a facilitator, she has the natural ability to connect with everyone. As a speaker, she articulates her thoughts well, balancing a certain degree of formality with spontaneity, making everyone feel engaged"

-CEO/President Client

"Annemarie has been a tremendous help in our practice; I appreciate her and what she does"

-Senior Partner Client

“I now have more clarity on what I need to do as a leader. I am thrilled to work with Annemarie as I take on my new role" -Executive Client

"As a speaker, I found Annemarie to be knowledgeable, creative, and genuine. She really knew our organization's culture, and was a good authority with a very pleasant demeanor"

-EVP Client

"I spoke to many people about Annemarie's past great work with clients and wanted her specifically to support our needs"

-Senior Partner Client

"Annemarie is an exceptional coach"

-Senior Partner Client

"Annemarie's messages on resilience resonated with the group and are very timely considering some of the challenges connecting and staying optimistic in the current environment. Her session was a great way to start my day. I feel like I just did an hour long meditation.

-Senior Partner Client

"I really value her insights; in every conversation, I'm taking notes, absorbing, and reflecting"

-Global Head Client

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