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PowerLab has a curated set of client offerings designed to maximize results and ensure you receive top service.


These are the programs that our clients request most frequently; they are executed according to our deep experience and expertise, best practices, and top research, and are tailored to meet your needs.

All programs are available in coaching engagements, group or team sessions, or as speaking engagements.

Executing Power
and Senior Executives

Coaching and other support for C-Suite and the most senior executives, tailored to their unique challenges of driving growth, innovation, and results while mitigating risk and overcoming external challenges. We build capacity for strategic decision making, negotiation, positioning the organization externally for success, working effectively with Boards, executive teams, and other stakeholders, leading through change and transition, and achieving goals through the full engagement of others.

Rising Power
Preparing high-potentials for the demands of Executive roles

Preparing your high-potentials for senior roles, including thinking and acting like an executive, collaborating and communicating effectively with senior leaders, peers, and external stakeholders to drive business results and innovation.  We also focus on building strategic capacity, leading teams effectively and managing their performance, leading through change and transition, working effectively in a virtual environment, building and demonstrating emotional maturity, executive presence, and poise, and achieving growth through relationships.

Powering Through
Resilience and managing change

Managing change, overcoming challenges, and collaborating in new ways while still engaging/retaining team members requires resilience. Our work ensures that professionals are equipped with knowledge, tools, and techniques to tap into their own resiliency and build this capacity in others. Based on proven research, and carried out through engaging and open discussion, we build leaders who meet challenges head on, produce results, avoid burnout, and 'show up' as their best and highest selves.

Achieving results through full engagement of talent

Organizations increase engagement and deliver results through diversity, inclusion, and equity. We take a unique approach to tough conversations that is thoughtful, transparent, non-threatening, and supportive, yet directly addresses the engagement and organizational performance outcomes of creating a diverse, inclusive work environment where teams and individuals can bring their best selves and contribute authentically.

Powerful Collaboration
A powerful team draws effectively from all members

Based on expertise and top research in building strong, collaborative teams, improving communication, trust, and transparency, expanding innovation, and ensuring team members hold each other accountable. Team members engage in assessments and open discussion on what is going well and also what is possible. Team leader engagement is built in, to  ensure they preside over and lead successful outcomes and unleash team potential.

Building successful construction partners

We have an established track record in providing modern, professional, and effective construction partnering services, based on expertise and best practices. Groups arrive at first session as individuals, yet leave as a highly functioning partnering team with clear goals, expectations for all parties,  explicit rules of engagement, communication strategies, action plans on known challenges, and knowledge of conflict mitigation strategies and their personal conflict management style.

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